By Ryan Suppe, Post Register  October 15, 2018

The Idaho Falls Auditorium District accepted a land donation from Ball Ventures Thursday for the site of the proposed Idaho Falls Events Center.

The 22-acre site is located at Snake River Landing, a Ball Ventures property. The Auditorium District and Ball Ventures agreed to the deal in 2009, but it hadn’t been signed until Thursday.

“The completion of the land donation and the construction of Event Center Drive are the culmination of a lot of hard work by the many people involved, and show the Idaho Falls Auditorium District’s ongoing commitment to make continued progress toward completion of this wonderful project,” said Eric Isom, chief development officer at Snake River Landing, in a news release.

Additionally, construction will begin on a five-lane road, called Event Center Drive, that will provide access to the proposed event center.

Ball Ventures signed the deal now, nearly a decade after the agreement was made, because construction costs are likely to rise, Isom said, so it was the right moment to move forward on building the road.

“You either build it now and lock in those costs, or you wait and the costs are higher,” Isom said.

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Published online: Oct 15, 2018 Ball Ventures News, Development, New!, Events

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